Getting Your Website Ready For Christmas

Getting your website ready for Christmas

Yep, it is getting close to that time of year again, particularly for retailers. It is time to start thinking about Christmas advertising and marketing plans to ensure you get the most from what is for many the busiest trading period of the year. In this article we will look at some things that you can do on your website now to make sure it is ready for the Christmas rush.

1. Mobile Friendly

Having a mobile friendly website is crucial as website users and search engines favour websites that look good on mobile devices, and that work properly. And it doesn’t matter what type of website you have, mobile is important. Whether your customers simply look for your telephone number online, research your products, or buy from you online, you need a mobile friendly website.

To get a mobile friendly website you have two options. The first is to create a new mobile version of your site, and the second is to create a responsive website. A responsive website is one that dynamically changes depending on the device being used.

2. Add A Shop

Could you products be sold directly from your website? Setting up a shop on your website is not as difficult as you might think, and there is still time to get it ready for Christmas if you take action now.

The benefits of adding a shop should make it worthwhile. It is relatively inexpensive to do, and you will immediately increase your customer reach. This will result in new customers for your business and increased sales.

3. Refresh The Design

You can take the opportunity of the six to eight weeks between now and the start of the Christmas rush to refresh the design of your website. If your website is built in WordPress this should be a fairly straightforward procedure that shouldn’t be too expensive. It involves changing your theme.

Making your site look fresh and modern will give it a substantial lift though, and will help you prepare for the sales you will make in the run up to Christmas.

4. Update The Content

Now is a good time to refresh the content on your website too. This should include making sure everything on your website is accurate – are all the products listed, are discontinued products removed, are your prices correct, etc?

Other things you should consider are adding in some festive content such as a promotional image highlighting your Christmas offers.

5. Get The Basics Right

If you choose to do nothing else on this list you should at least look at this final point – getting the basics right. Here are a few things to consider that will make a big difference to the success of your website this Christmas:

  • Are your contact details fully complete and accurate?
  • Is the navigation on your site intuitive?
  • Does everything on the website work?
  • Is your website clean and cluttered-free?
  • Do you have calls to action?
  • Do the images look professional?

If you answered no to any of these questions you should consider rectifying them now so your website is ready for the end of year rush.

If you need help or further advice with any of the points on this list you should contact the Ocean Creative team today.