PPC Advertising

PPC stands for ‘pay per click’ and is a common form of paid digital advertising. If you’re looking for a PPC agency to advise on, create and manage your business’s paid search campaigns, then look no further.

Ocean Media offers a number of pay per click services to clients, which can be tailored to your requirements.

What is pay per click advertising?

PPC advertising is a form of paid online advertising where you pay for every click that you receive on an advert. The adverts in question are the ones that appear on search engine’s results pages when users search for a query. On Google, these are typically characterised by the little yellow ‘ad’ symbol displayed next to the result.

PPC adverts appear at the top, and sometimes down the side of, search results pages – ahead of the organic listings. PPC ads form a core part of many businesses’ paid search marketing strategy.
How does pay per click work?

PPC works as an auction-style bidding system, where advertisers compete with each other and bid on certain keywords and keyword groups. The adverts with the highest bids are seen by the most people (get the most impressions) on search results pages, and advertisers are charged for every click through to their website they get from a PPC ad.

Though the concept of PPC may be fairly simple, properly managing a campaign – or even multiple campaigns – is often tricky, and if done wrong can be very costly to a business. The balance between cost per click, click through rate and conversion rate is a delicate one, which is why the experience of an Adwords certified professional can often be priceless.
Paid search management from Ocean Media

We create and manage effective PPC campaigns that drive results. Whether you just need management of a few campaigns, advice on your PPC strategy, or complete setup and management of multiple paid advertising campaigns – our Adwords certified PPC specialists can help.

The PPC services solutions we offer include:

  • PPC set upPPC strategy development
  • Keyword research and shortlisting
  • Google account and campaigns setup
  • Setting up goals and tracking codes
  • Ad creation.

PPC campaign management services

  • Keyword optimisation
  • PPC bid management
  • Monitoring clicks, conversions and click fraud activity
  • Refining and testing creative ads
  • Location based targeting
  • Monthly reporting and recommendations