Digital Marketing in times of uncertainty

As a business owner you may wonder if you should pause your marketing and advertising initiatives during this health crisis the whole world found itself in, especially if your business classifies as a non-essential.

What happens if you shut your marketing off during the Covid-19? And what happens if you don’t?
That decision can either make or break your business.

Serve your customers NOW and win business LATER

Digital attention is at an all-time high. Social media usage is surging. According to Social Media Today, the capacity for your ads to reach your target audience is on the rise.

Many competitors in the market are pausing their online campaigns. Will you seize this opportunity to get your message out there?
We at Ocean Media recommend:

Serve your customers NOW and win business LATER.

Show your customers and clients that you are here for them now, not just when everything is going well.

The customers that stick with you now will be there when the crisis is over.

Understand what your customers value and then give it to them.

It is the only way to thrive in a digital environment.

What message to send
Media plans that made sense two weeks ago might come off as dissonant today.

Change your approach just a little in the short term. Consider the situation your audience, your customers and clients are facing.

What they need and where can your business help?
A carefully thought-out digital marketing plan can help you reach your existing audience and attract new customers.

We understand that you may be overwhelmed and not sure how to communicate with your customers.

Digital world isn’t just a place that allows you to communicate with your target audience; it lets your customers and clients to communicate with you.

Show that you care. Offer a shoulder to lean on. Deliver authentic customer support.

It’s the only way to win the trust and admiration of consumers in the long run.

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