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Find Customers, increase sales, improve customer loyalty, and grow your online presence with our social media management services in Sligo, Mayo, and Donegal.

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We offer Social Media Marketing services to suit all your promotional and engagement needs - from organic strategies to paid ad campaigns.

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Why social media marketing is Important

We don’t argue about whether we need a digital presence anymore. The world’s population is online

The questions are:
  • How good is your online presence and is it delivering results for your business?
  • Are you getting a return on investment?

Social media is all about getting social and connecting with customers by creating and sharing amazing content. Maintaining a strong presence in the social media landscape increases the reach of your brand, enhances the presentation of your message, and developers deeper connections with your customers.

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You want to provide your customers with important information about your business, while also building your brand reputation. We get it. We also know you want tangible results to measure return on investment.

Forget about the big numbers, i.e. the billions of users on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. What matters is your customers use these platforms. If they are using social media, you can reach them. How, though? That’s where we come in with our social media marketing services in Sligo, Mayo, and Donegal.


Social Media

To understand how to reach customers on social media, we first have to understand what they are using social media for, Here are some of the main reasons:

Staying in touch with friends
Staying up to date with the news
Sharing photos or videos
Finding entertaining content
Sharing opinions
Meeting new people
Researching companies or products to buy
Researching companies or products to buy
Filling spare time

People rarely access platforms like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn with the primary intention of making a purchase. Instead, to earn social media audience attention, we need to create a desire, which will ultimately lead to a purchase.

Get maximum advantage from Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter

To find out more about our social media marketing and management services in Sligo, Mayo, and Donegal, contact us at Ocean Media today.

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Facebook and Instagram Marketing & Management in Sligo, Mayo, and Donegal

Where do you start with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter?

How do you create an Instagram story?
How do you set up a Facebook Lookalike Audience with the Facebook pixel? What even is a Facebook Lookalike Audience and what is the Facebook pixel?
Is publishing organic posts is worth your time when so few people are seeing them?
How can you get more people to see your organic posts?
How do you effectively promote a new service or product on Facebook?
How do you attract more visitors to your Facebook page?
How do you use video to build strong connections?
How do you use LinkedIn to recruit or build business contacts?
How do you run competitions to build brand awareness?
How do you measure return on investment from social media marketing?

There could be 100 questions on the above list, or 1,000. When you consider advertising, creating audiences, targeting audiences, monthly content plans, frequent updates, user-generated content, data analysis, etc, etc, social media marketing can be confusing.

With us, it doesn’t have to be this way. We’ll do the work, so you don’t have to, and we get results. Speak to a member of our team about how we’ll develop a social media strategy and plan that is right for you.

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