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Promotional Video

Digital Video Advertising is growing faster than all other formats and mediums.

Promotional videos are used to maximise market knowledge of a particular product or service,  or any issue. Promotional videos promote companies products, services, or the company itself. In contrast,  information videos will explain your products or services in greater detail such as how it works and benefits. Ocean Media have produced extensive videos, both promotional and informational for our clients and agencies nationwide.

In terms of promotional videos, we emphasise the advantages of a product or service through using interviews, voiceover, on-screen text, animation and a company profile. This helps your audience understand why they need your product or service.

On the other hand,  informational videos lend more credence to the details of an issue.  Instead of supplying a lot of detail on your company, we instead focus on raising awareness of a topic, or product or service.

Check out our portfolio or check out our YouTube channel below.

Check out our YouTube Channel

Lough Rynn Promotional Video