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How Animated Video Can Help your Marketing Strategy

How Animated Video Can Help your Marketing Strategy

Has animated video become part of your digital marketing strategy yet?

If not, you may want to reconsider that.

85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool and 99% of people who use video for marketing say they’ll continue using video in 2020.

Most consumers prefer watching a video than reading. This doesn’t come as a surprise given that visual information is processed faster than text.

With an animated video your message is concise and captures the viewer’s attention in the first few seconds.

Animated videos give you an opportunity to stand out and stay ahead of your competitors.

They help your new and existing customers understand your products, services, and unique selling points.

Animated videos can answer your customer’s queries and address customer concerns.

Plus, animated videos are only limited by your imagination as they enable you to bring any ideas or concepts to life. They help simplify the most complex of topics.

Cost is also one of the reasons why businesses opt for animated videos. Unlike video production, animation is an affordable solution that delivers effective results.

Here are 10 benefits of animated videos:

  1. Stand out from the competition
  2. Tell the story of your brand
  3. Explain your products and services
  4. Explain your concept or idea
  5. Increase reach
  6. Animated videos can be made to have long-lasting relevance
  7. Potentially viral
  8. Mobile-friendly
  9. Lower production costs, saving you time and money
  10. Fun and engaging

Platforms to Share Animated Videos

A tweet with a video is more likely to get a click. A Facebook post with an animated video is more likely to get viewed and shared. Adding a video to your email marketing can improve your brand image.

Animated videos on your website can increase traffic and encourage social media shares and comments. They will also help to increase the average time people spend on your website.

As a business owner, you will do everything you can to stay on one of Google for the keywords relevant to your business.

Animated videos can help with that. They can boost your SEO efforts and improve your website’s ranking by increasing click-through rates and lowering bounce rates.

It is clear by now that animated videos are a powerful addition to a brand’s promotional toolbox.

Be strategic and selective when distributing your animated videos. Adapt animations to specific channels and platforms such as websites, social media channels, email newsletters; events or shows and blogs posts.

Animation fits for just about anything – product explainer videos, infographics or even a logo.

Incorporate “How-to” videos or “Behind the scenes” animated videos as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Slideshows, case studies, tips and guides are also a good idea for animated videos.


Cut through the noise of traditional video production with animated videos that will help you further conversations with new and existing customers.

With online video consumption continuing to rise, many businesses have adopted animation as part of their digital marketing strategy.

If you want to grow online and get the best possible return on investment, perhaps it’s the time to give animated videos a chance.